Company Profile

Company Profile

First established in 1978, Elmar today is a dynamic brand with a strong personality, able to offer unique identity and values, and who has always worked on finding technological solutions, on spatial organization and on design with a very distinctive Italian stylistic trait.
Elmar’s path towards more and more contemporary design accelerated in 2007, when it began collaborating with Ludovica+Roberto Palomba. Their projects create new furniture solutions, designed to meet a variety of needs; EL_01, Playground and Slim are structured collections whose lines and functionality coexist. The market and the design world welcomed the challenge and in 2013 Slim was published in the Adi Design Index. In 2014 Elmar contacted the c+s Architects firm, owned by Carlo Cappai and Maria Alessandra Segantini, who were called to interpret a new concept of kitchen, one that extended one’s convivial nature beyond its appointed space. Thanks to its peculiar sensitivity to the use of materials and to the well-known “Translation Architecture” research, that shifts the focus from the architectonic element to the system of relations that connect it with the surrounding space, c+s Architects studio, in collaboration with Elmar, conceived @home, presented at Eurocucina 2014.

The constant thrust towards innovation and assiduous analysis of design is what makes Elmar different from other players in this sector. Specific examples are the many characterising elements, real Company icons. Sliding table, Easy table, Wing table, Monoblocco 0_10 have a simple and functional designs that can be implemented in any collection, and they offer tangible and innovative solutions to optimize space. Sliding table was an immediate success: the result of an international technical patent, this piece of furniture becomes a landmark in the company’s history. The ISO 9001 process certification (from 1997) and Catas certifications on doors, materials and characterising elements, highlight Elmar’s attention to the product’s quality and durability.

Elmar has always been scrupulous about environmental issues; from its production headquarters, the silver thread of environmental sustainability sets the rules for production. When developing the productive and design strategy, the choice of raw materials and suppliers, production, recycling, and transport are thought of in full compliance with ecologically sustainable values. Our furniture’s’ structure is made with Idroleb ecological panel that ensures the lowest formaldehyde emission and the lighting systems provide for the use of led lights that sharply cut energy consumption. Most of the materials used to create the kitchen systems are 100% recyclable and 70% of the purchased materials comes from suppliers based at a maximum distance of 100km from the Company. Elmar has a photovoltaic power system that makes its manufacturing cycle self-sufficient for up to 60% of the employed energy. Elmar has always been very accurate in the collection and disposal of manufacturing waste and optimises furniture and accessories transportation volumes.

To become the ultimate ideal partner at a worldwide, residential, and office level in the real estate business is the aim for which the Company has implemented a Contract department over the years, training resources that can live up to the peculiar demands of this sector. Speed of interaction, design support, ability to customise and present the offer, organisational awareness, logistics, and fitting are the key strengths of Elmar Contract Team.