The kitchen of Caterina Zanzi

The kitchen of Caterina Zanzi, whom with the project conoscounposto has become the guru of Milan places and not only, is the result of a thoughtful choice, based on the needs to which we at Elmar, together with her architects Studio Zerodue, have responded. It is a hybrid showcase of two of our iconic models: the @home cube designed to furnish open spaces by declining the traditional kitchen modules in a home-based living system and that, in this case, has been customized in metallic lacquer with oxidized brass finish and steel finish handle and the Playground kitchen, a modular system with regular geometries and refined style, in the same finish but without handles, with push-pull openings and servo drive. Through a setting with a strong and international character and a greater horizontal development, the kitchen interprets the space decisively by creating a game of volumes in which the structural elements of the apartment dialogue with the island and the cupboards. A model born from the desire to welcome and share space without ever forgetting the technical and functional aspect of the kitchen, designed to adapt and furnish the new apartment of Caterina, a place to receive and entertain friends by cooking and experimenting new recipes.